Lesson 1 for getting over the Christmas Blues

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If you’ve been suffering from the Christmas Blues, or depression of any
other type, or just feeling that life could be a little more satisfying,
and find it hard to get that good feeling in your life, do this first
lesson. Follow my instructions to the tee, and … see what happens… [ don’t think about it at all – just do it!] 

  1. Get yourself a piece of paper, or a clean page in an exercise book 
  2. Get yourself a pen or pencil (that works!) 


      3. At the top write, ‘Who I am’.

       4. Now write a list of who you are. 

Ideally your list is of no more than 7 items, (7 is a good number!) – however, each item can be subdivided (again into 7) and each subdivision can in turn be again subdivided (into 7), etcetera, etcetera.  

So, this is perhaps a little like your own ‘job description’ of who you are.  How you identify with yourself; who you are; and perhaps how you would like to be seen by others.  

Things like, your job, family (father/mother – good friend etc.), are you intelligent or loving, hard working or easy going, honest or imaginative. Whatever fits you best. Remember though, just like a job description, it must be truthful, but using a positive language. 

Don’t think too much about it before you start. Don’t worry about not doing
it right, this list will be changed and modified as time goes on.
Remember, this is only lesson one. This does go on… 

And as I always say – set out to do the job badly! Like this it is always
less intimidating, and once you’ve started (which is after all the most
difficult part) you get a chance to think about what you are doing,
start modifying and changing, and then just see what comes out. This is a


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