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As the kids grew a little older, we thought that some kind of church would be a good idea. There is an English speaking Anglican Church in Lugano, and so we thought we would pop along to suss it out. Our reasoning was perhaps a little cynical at first, Lucia was Catholic, being Italian, but loves language and thought it good the children should have an opportunity to make English speaking friends and have the possibility of living in that kind of environment. On my part I thought that my own upbringing was lacking inasmuch not being of any denomination from childhood had made it virtually impossible for me to approach religion later on in life. My parents had taken the view to not ‘do’ religion, and let us make up our minds about it by ourselves when we were old enough to understand: I, on the other hand, thought it better to do it first, and then let them decide when they were older whether they wanted to continue or not; thus making any later change of idea less problematic, not having to explain the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ adulthood then expects of you.

And so, I remember the first day we went to St Edward’s. It was a lovely friendly place. All the people were so warm and welcoming. Consequently, more or less we became regular members, and starting to take part in church life. I even allowed myself to get roped into playing the organ on occasions! Lovely people.


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