Jeremy Kyle is responsible for Global Warming!

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Have you ever seen The Jeremy Kyle Show? Well, I must admit that I, having lived in Italy for a good many years now, have never actually had the pleasure of seeing it live on TV, and I would like to say that I would obviously never lower myself to watching it (I say in a very serious and grave voice), but I have nevertheless seen it on Youtube; and it does indeed make compulsive viewing!
We are led to believe that the participates are genuine couples, and not actors (in Italy there is a similar program, a setup law court, which I know for a fact uses actors [having known one personally], even if the original stories are nevertheless reported to be factual!) and I have no reason to doubt the fact; apart from being incredulous that anyone could possibly be so foolish as to taking part to what is tantamount to public ridicule and lynching!
However, the stories are about people acting horribly to one another. Nevertheless, it is all the same credible to believe that it is all true – these are truly horrible and irresponsible people getting their comeuppance. So where, you may well ask, is my gripe?
My gripe is with the program’s beloved ‘lie-detector’ machine. Everything is settled, without a smidgin of irony, by aid of the lie-detector; choosing to ignore the fact that lie-detectors have for decades been infamous for being undeniably unreliable, and cannot be taken seriously as a means of knowing whether someone is being truthful or not.
And so, although entertaining though it may be, we are led to believe we are given the proof to what we all think to know all along to be true; that these unfortunates are guilty of being terrible liars and void of any moral worth. But in fact we are just allowing ourselves to be conned, and don’t want to admit it! No matter how correct the outcomes appear, the means of their arrival are corrupt and cannot be taken seriously.
Global warming? Is there a connection?

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