Interacting with the spirit world.

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Interacting with the Spirit World.

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There has been experimentation into lots of things nonetheless. For example believing in God and resistance to pain. Using an MRI magnetic resonance imaging machine they found that people, when having pain inflicted upon them, who believed in God suffered less brain activity conducive to pain than those who didn’t. Proving that, believing in God is a good thing to do, when in situations of pain resistance (and undoubtedly many other situations as well), but it does not, no matter how hard you try to interpret it to your advantage, unfortunately, show any proof whatsoever of any presence of anything which could possibly be likened to something of a God.

Another experiment, one involving acupuncture, where two groups for blind testing (where participants are not aware of which group or test they belong) are treated using ‘real’ acupuncture and ‘fake’ acupuncture; completely unbeknown to the participants a new technique had been devised so that both operations were completely identical visually and sensationally; but the second cohort not involving actual penetration. The results were collected, and analysed. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, depending on your sympathies, it proved categorically that acupuncture, was more than just a placebo, since although both did reduce pain to some degree, the ‘real’ acupuncture was markedly more effective.

However, once again, although proving beyond a doubt that acupuncture is not solely a placebo but is a functioning form of medicine, it still does not go very far to show that it works in the very ways and for the very reasons as described by its practitioners; for example in the account of positive and negative fields and chakras and how they interact with the spirit world.

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