If you can’t play it…

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‘If you can’t play it, clean it!

Fred was for all intents and purposes, a ‘doddery old fool’, so we thought, but his cornet was always extremely well polished as well as trousers were pressed and his shoes shiny. ‘If you can’t play it, clean it!’ Alan J. would on occasion say about him. And in retrospect, he was quite right.

Virtuoso post-horn player

Alan J. was a giant of a man (in height…), good trumpeter (at least good for us) and a virtuoso post-horn player; Alan I believe was from Lancashire in the north of England, ginger hair and red face, a blossoming pot belly, with an affinity to beer (in large quantities) and anything alcoholic! And was by anyone’s account (including his own) a scuff to the extreme. And so as a retort when compared to smarter folk, ‘Well, if you can’t play it, clean it!’

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