I like statistics.

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I like statistics. I like seeing the figures, and all the numbers and trying to understand what is going on when so often we can’t see the woods for the trees!

When I’m practising my golf, and having a round on my Tod, it’s always very tempting to be forgiving with oneself; that terrible slice into the trees, or missing a doddle of a putt. We just say, “Ah, I would normally get that easily if I was concentrating properly!” Or something similar. Playing music is exactly the same; when we’re playing to ourselves we tend to listen to what we want to hear rather than the horrible noise which is in fact coming out. Is the “law of attraction” the same? Perhaps. Or least, it certainly can be.

When I’m hitting a ball around on the golf course, I try to keep tabs on how many shots I’m taking; even if I’m having a terrible day I count… properly. And strange enough, when I play in a tournament… well isn’t that a thing… I normally get about the same score as when I’m hitting about by myself. When I’m practising music (practice practice, not just making a noise practice) I always make sure I never make allowances for that “little slip”, or fumbling that bit I normally get right. Oh no! Making allowances is a dangerous game. Because the same as golf, there are no little slips or muffed shots. The fact is, what you do, is what you do, and you do it all the time even when you think you’re not.

And so, the Law of Attraction? Is it our imagination or is it real? Are we making excuses when it comes true or doesn’t come true? I would argue that it’s the same as golf, or the piano: it’s not possible to be brilliant when no one is watching but when it matters it’s a disaster. The LOA has to be done in the same way, and make sure you’re doing it right, and stop making excuses when it doesn’t go right!

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