How Stupid is This?

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How Stupid is This?

I often ask myself how much importance we should give these things. Trying to be more spiritual, and trusting cranky systems. Is it just stupid, or is it a good idea to give it space in our lives.

As I’ve said many times before, when I was young I would have never considered it for a second thought. Maybe as you get older you get a bit soft! Who knows!

Having said that, I would have certainly been more at peace with myself, and I would have had more tools available to me for coping with hard situations. But perhaps this is no more than soothing words to give reassurance. Like telling a small child about the tooth fairy, or Father Christmas.

But I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have messed up so many times, in stressful situations; especially as being a musician and becoming neurotic about just about everything – auditions for example!

Having said that, I was still far more successful than many. But I have a sneaky feeling that if I could somehow go back and do it all again, knowing now what I do, things would be very very different!


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