Horrible lurgies

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It makes me smile to see people driving around alone in their cars wearing the ever present face mask. And I wonder to myself, ‘Is it true that you can catch COVID19 from yourself?’
It’s all well and good, and common sense to wash your hands regularly, and not sneeze and cough over others, but, why now? Or rather, why only now?
I had a young boy who I was teaching who had the flu. He obviously had the flu. He said he had the flu. But every day, not only did he come to me, he also went to his school. It didn’t occur to him that he would possibly pass on his unwanted affliction to his classmates, his only thought was how unlucky he was to be inflicted with this misery. After 2 weeks of toil, he couldn’t carry on and stayed in bed, defeated! However, the following week (this was quite recent) he then decided to not continue further in fear of contracting the dreaded Coronavirus from his companions.
He is young, and selfish which is often the case with the young, but it also seems common with the general public. He didn’t give a tinker’s cuss for his classmates, or indeed for me, his only thought was himself: ‘I’m alright Jack! Pull the ladder up!’ This is human nature. Fortunately, not always, but more often than not.
I remember years ago on a popular Italian TV program ‘Striscia la Notizia’ (News Strip) a satirical look at current affairs, they had an item about general hygiene. The first one was, in pubs and bars. They frequently have of an evening crisps (chips), peanuts, olives etc. on the bar to nibble away at whilst drinking your aperitif; and very civilised too. However, they analysed the germs and bacteria of the nibbles and compared it to the seat of the toilet, and yes, you guessed, there was more toxicity in the nuts than the loo.
Another test they did was the head-rest covers on the trains in Italy, and once again they found more microorganisms and horrible bacterium than on the toilet seat of that same train.
It is a miracle we don’t catch horrible lurgies everyday of the week, but the fact is we don’t! Lucky old us!

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