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Neanderthal genes and the IQ of modern humans

‘Neanderthal genes and the I Q of modern humans’ (History debunked by Simon Webb) is talking about data and averages, and not individual people. When looking at averages of any kind it is at the extremes where differences can be seen not at the centre.

To take away from this video that an average white or Asian is more intelligent than the average black person is both disingenuous and mischievous to the extreme. There is no perceivable difference of intelligence between Asian, white or black: an Asian who has an IQ of 100 is the same as a black person who has an IQ of 100; no difference in any way, it is not higher in some magical way. The difference is how the numbers are distributed.

However, the numbers of people with an IQ of 162 or more are very few and far between and may well be seen to have more Asian than black in numbers of people, but these can be almost counted on the fingers of your hands in comparison to the 7 billion world population.

I would suggest that if you really think after seeing this video that because you are white or Asian you are more intelligent than a black person, you have completely missed the point of statistics and data completely, you are kidding yourself and live in the world of cuckoo-land and are just as bad as those believing in the follies of the BLM agenda .Perhaps you could go and work for Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team.

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