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I listened hard. No, nothing at all. They must have passed by.

So, I undid the strap, and slipped off my helmet. Dismounted. Then I turned round. A car (unmarked) was behind me and a policewoman in uniform, dark navy blue T-shirt with police written in small white letters, got out and came over to where I had just got off the bike.

She had short blond hair and was not so tall, probably about 1.60m (5 feet 3 inches). They say that, if you think a copper looks young, it means you are getting old. I’m afraid that is getting true for me, I know! Anyway, she was a pretty little thing, in a Heidi kind of way; am I being sexist? I do hope not. If it hadn’t been for her uniform we might have well … well it would have been very different; she might have been a little more … friendly?

She said to me, ‘You were going fast weren’t you?’
‘Me? No!’ I replied.
‘Were you in a hurry?’ She asked.
‘No, not at all! I’ve arrived.’

She then asked for my drivers licence and ID, and I obligingly handed them over.

‘We’ve got you on the speed camera!’ She said.

There is something about policemen. I sometimes think they all have a deep down grudge or need of revenge on society. Perhaps they were bullied when they were kids, and want to get their own back. It’s one thing to be of service to the population, but when one apparently takes glee in catching the unsuspecting out with vindictive pleasure. I don’t know but there seems to be something distasteful somewhere along the line. Perhaps it’s just my imagination…

She got back into her car, to check me out, and I could see male partner playing around with  what was obviously the speed camera.

At moments like this, I have a little churning in my stomach. I remember saying to myself,
‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Em… well …

I believe that surpassing the speed limit by more than 20kmh means losing your licence for several months. Doubling it? Probably risks spending a period behind bars. Me?
‘Oh, my God!’

So, I started thinking. What can I do?

Law of Attraction?

I had been praying of late. So I gave it go.


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