Harry and Meghan

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It must be hard being a Royal. No matter what they do, they seem to get criticised. The problem is that the world plebeianized the people to the view point that the Royal family had a special true blue blood, and are some way connected by direct blood line to God and the whatever. But what with education of the common man and later with the media, particularly in the 80s and 90s especially with Charles and Diana, and all of its scandal and tragedy, we learnt that rather than having some special connection to God, their behaviour was not only no better than the common pleb, but frequently far worse. Do they deserve to be treated differently or respected more than any other very, very rich person, just because they are… very, very rich? (Or have magic blue blood?)
Well, evidently the answer is yes. The Royal family are, and have always been, at least in the UK, very, very, very popular. We love them. I must admit that I don’t really understand the reason. In Italy where I live, there was once a Royal family, but they were kicked out by Mussolini and his boys. Good or bad? Who knows? But I will say, that there is absolutely no void in Italy to where there was or should be a Royal family. We have the super rich, yes. We have our TV personalities and football (soccer) players, show-girls… you name it, you have it. That’s not quite true. We do have Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Italian Royal family, who is trying to make a comeback; but as of yet confined to reign of ‘daytime TV’ or ‘reality TV’.
But void? No. No void.
When I was in the army, many, many moons ago, we did see every now and again, a member or two of the Royal family. From a distance. I remember Prince Charles once at a mess dinner I was playing in an orchestra for, giving an after dinner speech. He was witty and intelligent, and came across as a really nice guy (pity he did away with the misses). I remember another time playing for a big dinner at Rochester, where the Queen and Prince Philip were guests of honour. Someone from the band told me that the Queen was always forever looking around, from left to right, to see who was looking at her, and that Prince Philip was always picking his nose. And so I spent my time looking at them from across large hall, trying to see if it was true or not. I like to think it was, but in reality I think it’s more that I enjoy being a little malicious in my old age!

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