Happy Digging

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Ripping Up!!

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After ten or so minutes of him starting to dig, residents started to come out to complain and tell him to stop, and that he couldn’t continue. This went on, and arguments ensued. Not a happy situation.

Not happy at all.

There is an old joke going around Italy about the Carabinieri; the militarised police force. It goes something like: Why don’t Carabinieri need passports? Answer: Ignorance has no borders!

Ha, ha, ha! ( In Italy the Carabinieri are well know for their IQ – or lack of it. Or so I’ve been told!)

But on a serious note, this is more true than you think. One thing I have learnt over my many years of life: You cannot argue with stupid ignorant people. You can’t, it’s not possible. I choose my words carefully. Not in spite nor disrespect, but merely factual description. It might well be argued they were honest and good, as this description could well be given to simple folk. Personally, I would beg to differ; on the basis that someone or other had been swindling the heating and other things in the condominium for a long time!

So, to cut a very long story, very short – the gas pipe was laid, the trench refilled and the turf replaced as to it’s former glory. What a stressful day!

When I got up the following morning, and opened the shutters… someone had ripped up the pipeline over the night and it lay as a tangled mess over the garden!

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