Growing taller

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I remember many years ago when working in Parma I knew a girl who was, perhaps looking back, a reasonable size; height and body size. I’m English, and generally the English are bigger than their Italian counter-parts, and so perhaps for me she didn’t seem to be that extraordinarily huge. Nevertheless, after having known her for several weeks I discovered that she was continuing to grow, as she was,in her late twenties, and rather than slowing down, was in fact speeding up!

Her doctor discovered that she had a gland at the bottom of her neck which was ‘malfunctioning’, and as a result she was continuing to grow more and more at an alarming rate!

So a little later she went to hospital, where she had the gland surgically removed. The day was saved, the growing had stopped!

The point I am making is, that our bodies work in what is sometimes mysterious ways; sometimes good and sometimes bad. Often things are complex. The workings of our mind are powerful, frequently in ways we have no control. But, control in one form or other, is possible; if only we have an idea of how to go about it.

Food for thought…

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