Greta Thunberg

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Last week there were huge disruptions in London and elsewhere in the UK, as people tried to bring awareness of global warming and promote change in world politics. The young girl Greta Thunberg was a leading figure and influence in bringing so many people together and making it all happen.
I, on the other hand, am a little more unsure and skeptical about everything that has been going on. A little further back in time, British school children went on strike, encouraged once again by Greta Thunberg, plus their teachers and parents, to protest about climate change and political ineffectiveness.
Critics of the movement make accusations of protesters as being middle-class liberal progressives, and arrogant towards the silent majority who need to go about their legitimate day, thus causing hardship to the wrong people; indeed many suggest they should take their protests to more deserving settings, for example Beijing or Moscow; a little cheeky perhaps, but nonetheless pertinent to future non collaboration by polluting states.
I would say though that there is a completely different reason for questioning their actions.

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