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More or less we are pretty consistent really, we may well think we’re having a good or a bad day, but by and large there often isn’t as much variation as we probably think.

I don’t know how many of you play golf, but I, having started a few years ago, know that no matter if you think that everything is going wonderfully or dreadfully, more dreadfully than wonderfully I hasten to add, if you actually take the time and trouble to honestly take down your score (when you’re alone the tendency is to forgive that awful shot going into the trees) you’d probably be surprised at how little difference between the two, former and latter, there actually is.

Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation for the Body and Soul (Amazon)

Deep Relaxation for the Body and Soul (iTunes)

Affirmations for Healing ( Google)

Welcome to the Universe (Spotify)

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