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After the Christmas holidays things went back to normal as they always do; work, children, rushing here and there etc. etc. I did notice however, that Don P was often missing mealtimes at the Mrs P household, obviously he was being fed and watered elsewhere, but I had my own things to worry about, and so I never gave it much of a thought.

Later on, over Easter, there was a party in the town organised for the local inhabitants, and GL went to eat there with his parents. Choosing the right moment, he said, ‘You know, I think I’m in love.’ How wonderful! Immediately Mrs P was over the moon. Thoughts of little tiny feet running around the large house. Arranging weddings. Oh, so many things to do.

‘I’m in love with Fabio.’ You can imagine to scene. Mrs P’s world came to a grinding halt. Never to go again!

And Don P had done it again. Knowing what had been in store, he had made himself scarce rather than being of any help. Mrs P went into melt down, and Don P disappeared completely. Vicars are people too, with their own problems to fend for.


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