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What is perhaps interesting, is that in the last pandemic of the last year and a half, the UK government, and all governments of the western world, not only employed scientific experts of viral infection and topics directly related to the spreading of disease, but also scientific experts of behaviour.
Governments were worried that their citizens would not collaborate in their fight against the spread of the disease, and so they decided to enlist the help of behavioural scientists to force the population into compliance.
In counties such as China, where there are brutal communist regimes, this could have easily been seen to be done, but in a free democracy surely not!?
Well, in Italy, the government achieved compliance with amazing ease, by means of controlling media and using the strong arm of the law. The UK and most other countries accordingly followed suit, choosing to fight the spread of the disease by using fear and frightening people into obeying new rules and regulations.
Without passing comment about the obvious rights and wrongs of the last year and a half, what can we take away from it, and hope to learn from a self-help perspective?

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