Frenzied delirium

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I think it fair to say that, for just about everyone at the moment, it is quite a trying moment we are all suffering. Not wishing to go into the ins and outs of it all (things are not logical, and there is obviously something going skew-whiff along the line), that it seems to be fair comment that many otherwise balanced and well-informed people have been taken by panic and hysteria by recent events.
I’ve been reading 1984 by George Orwell, which I was supposed to have read when I was at school many years ago, and many of the themes are more than a little disquietening in there evident parallel to our present situation.
Although Orwell’s situation was much different to ours now, and it wasn’t  easily possible for him to imagine the world we now live in; his was of policing in Burma, the Spanish Civil War, and communism, ours is of Facebook and Amazon and apparent wealth and luxury.
Nonetheless, when facing exceptional times as we are indeed now, I think it is more than ever important to remember that we, human beings, are not, as we are inevitably treated by our elites and masters, machines; mathematical equations that are easily predicted by the logarithms of Facebook and hidden police states and governments. Our brains are not computers, nor our bodies spare parts. We are entities who are connected to the things around us, and we mustn’t forget that we can connect to that, and not be confined to want we see on the media and led into this frenzied delirium.

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