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A typical day. A typical day in an atypical week. Did you sleep well? What are you worrying about?
I suppose it depends on your situation. Are you working? How sure your job is, and whether you’re being paid, in full or just partially; or not at all!
If everything is safe, financially, what else has changed. Presumably you can’t go out as much as before, or perhaps you didn’t go out anyway. Do you have to wear a mask to go out of your door?
No matter, I think this recent period has affected most people in some way or other. It’s hard to not have been. We don’t know how or when it will end, and how things might be different afterwards.
Something that has struck me though, is how we are affected by our minds, and what we feed it. Human-beings are at the best of times worrying creatures, and at times of woe we are at least given justification in some way. However, I do get the feeling that some, if not many in the ‘Law of Attraction’ or ‘Positive Thinking’ fraternity and other religious zealots at this moment of strife, have tumbled down a proverbial black hole into panic and anguish.
Indeed it seems to me that the authorities, governmental and health, have shown their true mastery (perhaps through expertise, or sheer ‘cock-up’) in pressurising and coercing entire populations into panic and delirium, by gentle and not so gentle suggestion. In my view, our minds are the one thing we should really be trying to prophylactic ourselves in this continual bombardment of media, hype and dubious/fakey news-propaganda.

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