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Mrs P’s son GL was a kind and generous boy of about 27 at that time, and was just a ‘good’ guy. He also did a lot of work for the church, helping Don P and helping out teaching bible studies to the kids of the church.

He had also made friends with Fabio, and so I had heard of him. Fabio was a hairdresser, and so was very popular with Mrs P since he would make regular visits to do her hair; dying her hair blond and perming. GL even went on holiday with Fabio and the hairdresser’s association to Cuba, so everything seemed to running on a high.

However, it was only at Christmas Midnight Mass that I actually saw Fabio for the first time, even if I had heard so much about him. Then the penny dropped! GL and Fabio had the same style goatee beard, the same swanky suit, the same square toed shoes… Ops…

Well, obviously it’s absolutely nothing to do with me, I’ve got no problems with anyone or anything; every man to his own. But, with Mrs P, nothing seemed out of place. She didn’t suspect anything going on between the two of them. She thought Fabio was a wonderful guy, and was dreaming of her son hooking up with a good girl, getting married, and the pitter patter of tiny feet.

After Mass, we all went back to Mrs P’s for Panettone and Spumante. Chatting about this and that and the other; I remember that Fabio was very, very tired, but nonetheless a merry time was had by all.

At about three o’clock in the morning I tottered off back home to make my way to bed. I crept silently up the stairs; six flights up to the top floor. Made my way in quietly, not to wake up Lucia, got undressed to slip into bed. Nooo! My side of the bed was full of cold water! The water bottle had drained itself out! Lucy said limply, ‘ I thought it felt a bit damp…’ Happy Christmas!


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