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Mrs B had been traumatised, but was completely aware of what was an illogical situation. Elevators are by nature, incredibly safe. The sole reason for their popularity is that they are foolproof. There is absolutely 0% chance of them crashing to the bottom of the shaft. And the risks there are, are far fewer than say, walking down the sidewalk, or flying in a plane, and certainly from driving a car. But that is what a phobia is: an illogical and unfounded fear.
Mrs B had been walking up and down stairs ever since her traumatic experience, and doing it quite happily. After all it was an easy convenient way of keeping in trim, and as I said before, here in Switzerland and indeed Europe in general, high tower blocks are very few and far between.
Nonetheless, in her current situation, using crutches and being in appreciably no inconsiderable pain, her daily torture of struggling up and down 4 high floors to get to her place of work was rapidly becoming unsustainable.
I don’t like to push my weird and wonderful ideas on the unsuspecting strait-laced, but when I saw her predicament I felt I had to tell her that there was possibly an easy and practical solution.
I suggested she should try the EFT method, as being something I had used many times both on myself and on others, with stunning results. To my surprise she was enthusiastic that I do it on her, and we agreed the following evening we would give it a go.
That next evening, she was waiting outside my room. I invited her in, and we went through the procedure together.
‘Even if … blah, blah, blah.’ Etc. etc.
Tapping on the given points, saying the same old words. I must admit, what was going through my mind was just about the opposite of what I had been telling her.
I was thinking, ‘This really isn’t going to work. She’s just going to flunk this. She’s too far gone.’
The whole thing lasted no more than about, literally five or six minutes, and then we walked, or in her case hobbled over to the lifts.
I called the ‘ascensore’, and after a minute or two it arrived. The doors opened.
‘I really can’t do this,’ she said.
I thought to myself, ‘Christ Almighty! Come on!’
But I said calmly, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll do this together. I’ll be with you.’
I took her hand, and a guided her in.
She was scared, but smiled nervously. I pushed the button, and the doors closed. We went down, and the doors opened. We walked out into the cool summer night air.
She was still nervous, but happy. She’d done it! Then I just said to her, that that was it. It is easy and safe, and that now she had to force herself to keep doing it every day.
We said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways.
The next time I saw her, about a week later, she was nervously happy, and told me that she’d been using it everyday.
It still scared her. It was a big thing for her. But she forced herself to take the elevator. She knew now that she had won.

Sleep waves 4 – Whisper hypnosis for sleep

Sleep waves 4 – Whisper hypnosis for sleep

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