Easter Visit to Urbino

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Easter Visit to Urbino

Raffaello’s La Muta


Just spent the Easter weekend down in Ravenna and then a visit to home of Raffaello, Urbino.

Here in Italy, Easter is a bit like a mini-Christmas; a time of meeting family and friends, eating, drinking and being merry. Chocolate eggs, but no presents.

It was my first time at Urbino, and it was a lovely little town, full of history and curiosity. However, this – from the many beautiful works of art and religious artefacts – and easter in general always takes me back to translation, and my conversations with friend and Anglican priest Andy.

Did you know by the way that תחיית המתים, the Hebrew for ‘resurrection’ , can be translated in two different ways when translated into Latin?

It can be translated as either resurrection or resuscitation: similar although they are, nonetheless very different; resurrection meaning firstly to die and then come again to life and resuscitation meaning to revive from unconsciousness.

I sometimes wonder why I mention this, no one no matter where they stand spiritually seem to want to hear it.





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