Don’t Worry – Be Happy

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The Life of a Slug…

Don’t Worry…

Don’t worry, be happy! (In the words of Bobby McFerrin) – [ Don’t worry, it may never happen… is more my motto! – very often it’s true too!]

But it ain’t easy. Not for us mere mortals.

They say, that if you want to live a long and happy life, you need to learn how to compartmentalise your life, and be able to focus on what doing, and block out the rest.

I would argue though, that any living organism worries, and that it is wired into all living things ingenerately (to some or other degree), just as a survival mechanism.

The more intelligent/advanced an animal is the more anxious it is too. Just think about a deer grazing in the woods; continuously on the look out for predators. If you think about a slug, that doesn’t worry much, but that doesn’t help us much either, because we are on the other end of the worry/intelligence scale; at least I like to think so anyhow – I do doubt some people on occasions I know! But…

So, what is the quick and easy way to beat worry and anxiety, and have a long and peaceful life? Read on ….