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Although I have lived in Italy for many years now, I am still very interested in what’s going on in Britain, and try to follow what’s going on as much as I can. However, in 2016, when they had their referendum for leaving or staying in the EU, all the media sources seemed to lose any sense of reality.
Personally, I didn’t, or couldn’t, vote in the referendum, since after living away from the UK for more than 10 years, you lose the right to vote; if I had been given the chance to vote, I would have probably voted to leave, seeing the consequences of Italy’s membership to the EU, particularly in regard to the very high levels of youth unemployment, particularly in the south (reaching even 40-50%), and numerous other issues.
During the Brexit campaign, all the British television channels became unashamedly pro-EU, and in particularly the BBC, which had always previously been supposedly ‘unbiased’. The only newspapers that were pro-leave were the Telegraph, Sun and Mirror, and both of the Houses of Parliament were extreme pro-EU. And so it was with no little surprise that the referendum proved to be an enormous disconnect between what the establishment thought and what the people wanted.

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