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Life Getting Too Much

This week is supposed to be carnival time, so in all rights a school holiday here. But as ever nothing can be so simple. I’m sort of half busy, with the schools being closed in Switzerland, and so a good part of my week has been on hold. However, rather than putting my well-earned free time to good use it’s been more of a continual fight against procrastination.

The rot seems to have set in on Sunday morning, with a visit to a Salvatore Dalì exhibition here at Varese. Dalì’s work I know reasonably well having been to an exhibition not so long ago down in Milan; which I enjoyed. And of course Dalì’s work is too famous to not know anything about! As to whether I’m a fan or not is a different matter: he admitted himself to not being a great artist, but his work is nonetheless singular in its originality, even if quirky.

This show was a collection of smaller scale items inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Bible. Pretty serious stuff you would have thought. But rather than being enthused by Dalì’s eccentricity, I was irked by awful piped music! Just like a piano bar tenor sax and piano, churning out old jazz standards such as Misty and Michelle, sugar sweet and bland. Apart from having nothing to do with the pictures on display, it made it impossible for me to focus on what I was looking at. Its juxtaposition made it as meaningless as walking around the shopping mall!!!! Maybe I’m getting old 🙁



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