Core Values

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Core Values

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Core Values

It doesn’t really make any difference whether you know or don’t know anything about what core values are, we all have them, like it or not. Your core values are what is important to you and what makes you tick. A set of beliefs about how you interpret the world and how you feel and then act as a result; more often than not completely unbeknown to you!

We get our beliefs from everything about us, our family, friends and environment, and they support how we react to life and how life takes its toll on us.

However, more often than not we don’t even consider what our core values are let alone how they effect our everyday life, and we just allow them to lead us into all sorts of conflicts and situations that we reluctantly endure.

Nonetheless, when we start to take into account their existence  and how they affect our daily happiness and purpose in life we can then begin to take control and use a little gentle manipulation to better our lot.

I think a good way of thinking about this is how business companies go about making their core values and mission statements. When you look at just about any company no matter how big or small, they all seem to have mission statements which seem banal, interchangeable and meaningless; saying how good and wonderful and well intentioned they all are. However, a lesson can still be learnt. Just by stating the obvious, or perhaps more aptly saying how they would wish others to see them, they set a direction or aim to which they can chart a course of action that is not in conflict to the rough aims and good of the company.

And so, taking a leaf out of the corporate book, we can also make, or invent, ourselves a mission statement or set our core values which are to our benefit and lead us to a happy and fulfilling life. When we wish to work out what these core values should be a good idea would certainly be work in reverse, taking as a starting point what we might consider to be a perfect idyllic life, where we are happy and contented in our every day, and from there, working backwards to what kind of actions and situations would be necessary in achieving such a life. Just trying to imagine what kind of person leads such a life and the kinds of qualities they have, and just making these qualities your core values. No matter how banal and meaningless they may seem at first, just writing them down on piece of paper as a mission statement, and looking at them as often as you can, and making it yours. And just as happens in business, you make your decisions based on your core values, which will lead you to a better place where you want to be.

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