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Poor Transmission?

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Not wishing to offend anyone, by using the logic of taking the Lord’s prayer, as a good starting point for all this (magic and LOA etc.), isn’t as wacky as it may seem at first.

Perhaps I should explain a little better. I think that Rupert Sheldrake explains it very well: the concept of what consciousness is and how we are connected to the things around us, but I would also offer perhaps, that our brains are a bit like a television or a mobile phone. Our brains are not stores of information, but more akin to receivers and transmitters. Wacky? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

But anyone, like myself, who have seen those unfortunate souls who are inflicted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, can perhaps see a similarity in this disconnection – like a smartphone with poor internet signal. Perhaps a television, or phone, is otherwise apparently in perfectly normal working order, but if there is something wrong in the connection to the outside world/universe you are going to get problems along the way.

And so, the Lord’s prayer? For the atheist and cynic?

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