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Because of working calendars and what with one thing or another, the classes in a group of adults didn’t materialise, and I ended up going to Andy’s flat for what would best be described as informal chats.

I can’t really remember how many times I went along to his place, but I suppose it must have been 4 or 5 or so, but I have to say I really enjoyed going along. I liked Andy a lot: He had come into the priesthood later on in life, having been an engineer previously; I’ve probably got that bit a little wrong now, but I think it was something like that. Anyway, we chatted about many different things, much of which was not religious, and some of which was. He gave me some pointers of things to read from the bible, which I did, and we chatted.

To be fair, although I had never been interested in religion in childhood or indeed at any time previously, I had nonetheless studied it a little. In fact whilst I was doing a degree course I did a module on religious studies; I hasten to add that this was not theology, but a study of religions in general taking religion as a subject to be analysed not necessarily believed. Nonetheless, it had been one of the highlights of everything I studied, and sparked a lasting interest, which I still have. Then, of course, I was heavily into hypnosis, meditation and even wackier things like The Law of Attraction. I’m sure I didn’t mention any of this to Andy, as it would have been too strange and awkward to explain, but nevertheless I didn’t find that one contradicted the other, indeed I found a kind of logic in which they supported one another.


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