Christmas Blues

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Christmas is now over, and we’re moving slowly towards New Year. For me it was a good Christmas; we were at home – for a change – and it was nice to have the family here. The kids, now in their 20s, and away much of the time with respective boy/girl friends for study/work etc. etc. My wife and mother-in -law… we all managed to get on together. We even managed to get a Christmas tree up and put up a couple of decorations. Something that this year nearly didn’t happen.

We did all the right things, more or less, gave presents, ate and drank seasonal fare… what more can you ask for.

Obviously though, nothing is perfect. For me, nor anyone else. My father-in-law passed away a little time ago, and so it’s always times like this that you notice the loss. My mother is now in a nursing home suffering from dementia, and so my father finds himself alone: Luckily I’ve got some very patient and loving siblings who give him a lot of support, so … we muddle on.

I like Christmas. At least I think so. It’s a time when more or less everyone has some free time, and it makes a good excuse to get together and spend some time thinking of others. This obviously brings its own delusions, because things and people, don’t always work as planned, and sometimes you end up thinking to yourself, ‘Why on earth do I bother!?’

Probably also because of these expectations moments like this can also fill us with dread. I heard recently about that there is now a condition of depression which is brought on by Facebook. Facebook of all things, you would have thought to bring on a bit of happiness, but in fact it can do just about the opposite.

People always show off their happy smiley photos and jolly links and stories, as if just to show off to the world how happy we are. However, as a result, many are left feeling left out, and a feeling that life is not how it should be.

It’s a bit like Christmas. We know we should be enjoying it. But we’re not. We should be surrounded by happy loving people, but many of us find out we are in fact very much alone.

And so… There’s a good book, which has been around now for a long, long time, called Who Moved My Cheese, it’s a book written I believe for people in business, but which is also a valuable aid for the rest of us.

And so the moral of this book is that we should always embrace change, and look to the future and let the past go. Not easy in the least, perhaps, but… in life for most of us there are moments where we really need to drag ourselves away from the frustrations of what we think things should be like and welcome reality and go forth to look for new cheese. Perhaps even discover what real cheese really is.

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