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It seems so often that there is a lot to be pessimistic about. Our planet is dying; the continuing war of religious extremism; corrupt and self-motivated politics; not to mention the intrusive eye and influence of big business to boot!
However, perhaps not all this is just quite so as it may seem. It is undoubtedly true that we are easily duped. Not wanting to sound like the likes of Alex Jones or other conspiracy theorists, but we do invariably allow ourselves to be manipulated by media, politicians, and dare I say it, science itself ( add our religious leaders – tick box where appropriate!) – Which then have a knee jerk effect to Trump, Brexit or Salvini: A sure sign that people are not happy with the status quo, and waking up to injustice (I say this without drawing on conclusions, or making judgement on the rights and wrongs).
But we forget. We forget so many things. We forget what we know about our history; both near and distant. We forget also what we know through science; and what we didn’t know in the past; and indeed what we certainly do not know now, but perhaps we will know at some time in the future.
We are duped into believing that what we have now should never, and will never change. Why should it not change? Things have always changed, and will always change.

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