Broken Leg on a Mountain

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Broken Leg on a Mountain

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I’ve heard many stories about people who have been telepathic, and even if these stories are incredible, there is nonetheless no real proof that they are nothing more than mere coincidence.

Like the story retold to me about an Irish woman who said she had psychic powers, and was in Lugano giving a course on something or other more or less related. After returning to Ireland, she then phoned my friend, telling him to get in touch with a relation of his, telling him she was in difficulty. He did indeed phone the relative in question, and indeed she was in difficulty. She was in the Swiss Alps skiing, and had a fall, seriously breaking her leg. My friend was able to contact the rescue services and help her being taken to hospital.

When you are actually involved in these situations yourself, you have absolutely no doubt at all about the validation of the sequence of events. It seems just so real. It’s not possible to fake such a thing.

Nonetheless, it is still anecdotal and not in any way scientific.

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