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Boris Johnson

I just happened to see, procrastination creeping in again!, a man named Apollo Robbins demonstrating the wondrous art of pickpocketing. Quite clever I suppose, in a strange sort of way. For anyone who’s been ripped off or pickpocketed in the past will no doubt be in awe of this dexterous agility!

Apollo Robbins
I will never forget, on the Rome underground, once feeling a slight tugging at my trouser leg. Thinking I’d snagged it on someone’s bag or something, I looked down only to see a little finger of a Romanian lady pulling away at the button on my leg pocket; and to where I had my wallet!
Quite recently I was ripped off in Switzerland, so it’s not just Romanians and big chaotic cities! At a petrol station a man managed to pinch the petrol I’d just paid for at an automatic pump!
So, although Apollo Robbins must be a wonderful guy, perhaps the TED talks could find someone to show us how ingenious it can be to dupe unsuspecting children into being molested by some agile paedophile or something similar.
This is a very round about way of getting to Boris Johnson and British politics I know, but…

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