Bob’s your uncle…

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Bob’s your uncle!

Being locked away at home, is the perfect time for doing all those little jobs you never have time to get round to doing. All those cleaning and clearing out jobs, that are normally a little bit too long to do and not so important as to be a real priority.
But being in lock down it’s easy to discover how hard it really is to get organised, and you end up surfing the internet, on Youtube and Instagram and end up wasting the whole day away. Or even, after deciding with all good intentions of ‘meditating’ and going to a deeper level of being, you end reading the newspaper and checking your emails!
So now is the time to get organised, and get to the crux of the matter. If you’re having problems yourself, try this…
Rome was not built in a day, so they say, and nor were many other things worthwhile in our lives. And so the way of really making things count is to make your behaviour into good habits. How long does it take to form a new habit? 66 days it is said, but I would dare to disagree.
The 66 day idea seems to have been chosen so as to be hard to achieve, and so by making it almost impossible to accomplish goes to then prove that this is the reason to why it is true: 66 days is what it takes to form new habits; we typically try to make good and worthwhile assuetudes, not just binging on MacDonald’s and soda!
Go on Google and print out the calendar for the month ( this is a nice easy one to find: word template). What you then do is to take note of everything you do on each day.
The important thing to do is to limit yourself, so you never aim at completing any task, but more just to do something. Therefore, typically you would either limit yourself by time or task. If you’re working by time, just put the timer on on your phone ( 5 or ten, or 20 or whatever minutes) and when the alarm goes force yourself to stop. Make a note of what you did, and where you got to and write it on your calendar. If you’re working by task, the more intimidating the task, the smaller you make it; if you were writing a novel, perhaps your first step would be to open a ‘word’ document and save it somewhere where you’ll find it again; write what you did down on your calendar; the next day could be to find the ‘word’ document, open it up and write a title (any old title which you will certainly change later) and write one sentence ( any old stupid sentence, which you will again certainly change and think about better later on), make a note on you calendar, and Bob’s your uncle!
After a very few days of doing this you will see that you are in fact achieving something, and by limiting yourself you are in fact keeping the activity to the fore of your mind and thoughts. So, even if you are not perhaps doing that much each time, you are getting ideas, and thinking. Then when you get the inspiration to do more and know exactly what you want to do, let it happen, and give yourself more time. But allow yourself to go back to limiting even to the extreme, when you don’t have the enthusiasm or time. But write it down on your calendar.

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