Bad Dreams

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Confusing theories…

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Whilst all this was going on, I was also becoming more and more involved with the idea that our physical bodies and minds not being totally disconnected with the world around us – plus I had started doing hypnosis, EFT and reading a fair amount on the subject.

I digress a little I know, but I was chatting to one of my sisters the other day; living in different countries, we don’t meet often, but keep in touch only on Facebook. I was reminded of the fact that when I was a little boy I was petrified when I had the realisation that I would die one day. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night delirious and panic stricken because my mortality had dawned on me. I had been born into a non-religious, non-spiritual household, where everything was perhaps down to earth and many things were not talked about at all. Perhaps it was a typical English family where religion was not taken seriously but science and state were trusted blindly.

Perhaps this was not totally consistent, because although religion wasn’t taken seriously other things were. I remember once some friends at secondary school had been playing with a Ouija board, asking stupid things like when the dog was going to die. The general consensus was though that messing with this kind of thing could be dangerous. The question, thinking about it now is – obviously – why? If Ouija is dangerous, there must be something in it somewhere. So religion?

The question begging to be asked is, ‘If there is no truth in something, surely it should not be feared and nothing can be lost nor gained by doing whatever you will with it!’.

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