Bad Dreams

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Bad Dreams

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Whilst all this was going on, I was also becoming more and more involved with the idea that our physical bodies and minds not being totally disconnected with the world around us – plus I had started doing hypnosis, EFT and reading a fair amount on the subject.

I digress a little I know, but I was chatting to one of my sisters the other day; living in different countries, we don’t meet often, but keep in touch only on Facebook. I was reminded of the fact that when I was a little boy I was petrified when I had the realisation that I would die one day. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night delirious and panic stricken because my mortality had dawned on me. I had been born into a non-religious, non-spiritual household, where everything was perhaps down to earth and many things were not talked about. Perhaps it was a typical English family where religion was not taken seriously, but science and state were trusted blindly.

Perhaps this was not totally consistent, because although religion wasn’t taken seriously other things were. I remember once some friends at secondary school had been with a Ouija board, asking stupid things like when the dog was going to die. The general consensus was though that messing with this kind of thing could be dangerous. The question, thinking about it now is – obviously – why? If Ouija is dangerous, there must be something in it somewhere. So religion?




So, on the premise that, as like the Ouija board or religion, if something is bunk, there is no logical reason why not to do whatever you may wish to with it, and I therefore went on looking into different things; my new found divertissements of hypnosis and EFT and other more weird and wonderful including magic!
I found several books on Amazon, which went through how to go about making spells, and I went about deciding about some kind of ritual or other which might be appropriate and fitting to remedy my woes: condominium; neighbours, heating, gas mains, flooding – the list seemed never ending!
After all, what was there to lose?

How to do a Spell

It’s a strange sort of thing to do. Thinking about doing something which you’re not sure if is just plain stupid or whether it could actually work and really do something and even be dangerous! And if it isn’t cranky and actually does do something, how on earth do you know if you’re doing it right or not. What happens if you do it wrong, or indeed what happens if you do it right!

Anyway, what I did was in fact quite simple. It wasn’t my original idea at all, but taken from a several of the books I had been reading, and adapted them slightly to my situation and the items I had available.

So basically all I did was, I took a piece of A4 typing paper and 4 candles (sounds a bit like the Two Ronnie’s sketch I know!). White candles. And then a drinks tray. Silver; I don’t know if that’s important, but it is what I had. And that’s about it. Easy.

Then I wrote on the piece of paper what I wanted.

Now here, I think it might be a good idea to say that it’s at this moment mistakes can easily start to be made. Firstly, it seems to be widely understood the notion of Karma, and so whatever you wish on others will ultimately come back to you. Therefore, never wish bad on others, because it will all come back to you. Secondly, perhaps not quite so obviously, that when you wish for something, it’s not enough to wish for what you want; the trick is to imagine you have already received what you want. For example, if you wanted a new car, and you ask for a new car, what would happen is exactly that: the thing that you would receive is exactly that; you wouldn’t get the new car, you would find yourself just wanting a new car! – You got what you asked for!!

So, how do you get what you want, and get revenge?


Not wishing to offend anyone, the logic of taking the Lord’s prayer, as a starting point for all this (magic and LOA etc.) isn’t as wacky as it may seem at first.

Perhaps I should explain a little better. I think that Rupert Sheldrake explains it very well: the concept of what consciousness is and how we are connected to the things around us, but I would also offer perhaps, that our brains are a bit like a television or a mobile phone. Our brains are not stores of information, but more akin to receivers and transmitters. Wacky? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But anyone, like myself, who has seen those unfortunate souls who are inflicted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, can perhaps see a disconnection – a smartphone with poor internet signal. Perhaps a television, or phone, is otherwise apparently in perfectly normal working order, but if there is something wrong in the connection to the outside world/universe you are going to get problems along the way.

And so, the Lord’s prayer? For the atheist and cynic?

The Lord’s Prayer

Well the Lord’s prayer… what’s it about?

First though. Rupert Sheldrake (again) says it’s probable that we have a kind of common memory, and things are connected through time. And so with this great connectiveness like an Internet of the World, where all people and all things are connected in some way, may well go some way to explain to some degree how our subconscious minds work and give us a better view of what our consciousness is. All this seems a little all embracing and all explaining, and vague I know, but don’t worry, the good thing is, that I’m using this as a logic of how what I’m talking about works, it’s not necessary that you believe it, nor understand it. All you need do is follow the instructions and wait for the results!

Anyway back to the Lord’s Prayer. This connectiveness (common memory), our person-internet-network which connects us to all things, we can perhaps call God, for want for a better word: After all, the word ‘God’ is just that; a word! Furthermore, I would argue, from my lowly position of plebeian hick, that few people today think of God as being a little man with a long beard sitting in a cloud looking down upon us sinners, but rather a phenomena of a greater power or energy. So, after all we’re probably not far off the mark, and wouldn’t even disagree completely.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
Our Father is then… God, so is our magic internet.
hallowed be thy name;
Have respect for this ‘thing’ of our super internet connection with the universe. Perhaps meaning, ‘do things right’; remember Karma!
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
I would argue here that the closest we, as humans, come to this phenomena of magic supersonic energy or God, is in our imagination or dreams. So, what we can connect to in our dreams (his kingdom) will become true in our reality. ‘On earth’; our real world that we know and can touch and experience. ‘In Heaven’; our dreams.

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.
The rest is basically telling us to trust that every is okay, be cool when things go wrong, and be good people.

This is I know a wacky explication, and I will undoubtedly offend many, but for me it strikes a happy mix which seems to ring true to what many religious people have been saying for centuries, but could justify modern thinking. Bringing closer atheists, and modern thinkers aka Rupert Sheldrake and religion and wacky people of the Law of Attraction and magic!

A quick summary then. What we can imagine in our dreams, we can materialise in the real world: I’m suggesting that it isn’t wacky at all, and fits into a greater picture of the universe and how things really work!

So… what was my magic ritual? And did anything happen?

If nothing happened, perhaps I wouldn’t be telling you this story; and perhaps I would be following Richard Dawkins and the science brigade, rather than Rupert Sheldrake, and those who respectfully see that there are some gaps in the story!


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