And so, this is what democracy looks like!

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And so in the UK after three years of deadlock and the government and most of the media trying to undo the merits of the Brexit referendum, right or wrong may it well be, in 2019 the government were forced into another election; if nothing else once again proving without doubt they understood absolutely nothing of the feeling in the country and willingly did not give a damn. Returning Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister and his Brexit mandate.
Boris like Trump is a divisive figure; there is little middle ground, you either love or loathe. Even if many in the US firmly believe that Trump was not elected with a fair majority, it is nonetheless as good as it gets. Democracy has never been said to be fair or just, there always seem to be winners and losers.
Unhappy as many may well be, this sometimes seems like a distant dream of democracy for others. Here in Italy for example, democracy is a very strange word, and it always has been. As I’ve said before Silvio Berlusconi was the last elected Prime Minister in Italy who resigned in 2011. Berlusconi! There is a lot that could be said about Berlusconi, good and… obviously not quite so good. Democracies are uneasy things, and there are winners and losers. However, democracy here in Italy is something which is not for the light hearted.
The President Sergio Mattarella, was voted into office by Matteo Renzi and his Democratic Party (PD); Renzi had been the Prime Minister (after Berlusconi, and hence not elected by the people) but is now a Senator for Florence and so is not a member of Parliament. He is the leader of PD but is not a political candidate.
Giuseppe Conte is now the serving Prime Minister of Italy. He was not a parliamentary candidate and is not a member of any political party, and has never held any previous political position. Conte was made Prime Minister by Luigi Di Maio, deputy Prime Minister. Di Maio, born in 1986, having never finished his studies, was made leader of the 5 Star political party by its founder, Beppe Grillo.
Beppe Grillo is/was a very well known comedian/Italian public figure, who through his personal fame and popularity took the 5 Star movement to become the second biggest parliamentary party in the last elections (behind the Northern League of Matteo Salvini). Grillo is unquestionably the driver and controller of the 5 star.
And so, here in Italy we have a situation that the two most important men, Conte and Mattarella, were voted into office by two votes. Conte by Beppe Grillo the comedian, who was not a candidate and has no political position, and Mattarella by Matteo Renzi who is also not a member of parliament and whose party PD is a poor third in parliamentary size.
The other political force in Italy is Salvini. Salvini, is a populist politician, and has many detractors. However, he is a party leader (the biggest parliamentary party Lega Nord) the only one of whom, was voted for in an election and is a serving member of parliament.
And with this, Conte is the person who has been given responsibility for handling the current pandemic crisis we are seeing in Italy, and using draconian powers without the consent the of parliament, which is undeniably disputable at best.
These are certainly difficult times, and it’s hard to see where it will all inevitably end. Mistakes have been made, in every nation (and institution) across the world, but it does seem particularly perverse that in Italy, among its typical chaotic norms, especially at this moment of obvious need, we are being led into the abyss by unknown faces who were mysteriously positioned in place by hidden hands. And so… and so this is what democracy looks like!

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