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Did you know there are, at this of moment writing, such groups of people called the ‘Flat world Societies’, who profess that… well yes, that the world is flat. Although, these people are generally ridiculed by just about everyone in the modern world, I think, once upon a time that was indeed the status quo of scientific thinking, and anyone suggesting differently would be thought a heretic!
There are, however, countless other examples where the scientific community has got it spectacularly wrong; theories of Aether and Crystallography being two well-known examples. This is definitely modern science’s greatest strength, its ability to prove itself to be wrong and embrace its new understandings, but perhaps also it is one of its major failings; because, at the same time, of its blind adherence to dogma, and refusal to accept data which does not bear out accepted understandings. And on occasions a willingness to manipulate research in order to get the desired results.

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