A Prayer

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A Prayer

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So, I was left there, standing alone, waiting for them to get out again and come to some kind of verdict.

Starting to worry more than a little, knowing what was at stake; loss of licence, bans, and possible prison, I started to focus on what I should do.

As I said, I had been toying a little with prayer as a way of getting in touch with the bigger ‘out there’ or whatever you might like to call it. Personally, I never managed to get on with praying to Jesus, I don’t know why; I think it’s probably because I automatically identify Jesus with a person, or human being, and so think of him judging me, seeing through all my foibles and insincerities. I never really considered focusing on anyone else, for the same reasons, and that it didn’t even enter my mind!

God seemed the best option, being more impersonal and to me seeming less critical and all knowing. More like nature or the universe. I’m sure many would beg to differ, but that was my interpretation at that time.

My view of praying for me is the same as the Law of Attraction or Hypnosis or anything else. You need to be grateful for already having received what you want, rather than just wanting something (Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven – in reality as it is in your imagination).

So I just tried to relax as much as I could, considering the situation, and repeating over and over in my mind,

‘Almighty God, thank you for having got me out of this dreadful mess in you inimitable way!’

Over and over.

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