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The boiling of Water…

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Something which I find interesting, is that in our scientific understanding of the world and what is around us is often taken as read, and thought to be fixed as scientific facts, of which no one is seemingly willing or able to dispute. So that once something has been proved to be true once, it will then remain unchallenged and then used as building blocks, which can further go on to help future scientific endeavour.

However, this idea that the natural world around us is fixed by the rules of nature and science, has now been found to be untrue. The laws of nature are forever changing and modifying themselves to the environment around them.

One such scientific experiment which goes to prove this, is one using crystals. By mixing together elements and different compounds, it is possible to form new substances or compounds which have never been made before. From here the new compound can be crystallised, and then from there it is possible to find the temperature at which these crystals melt or liquidise.

These experiments have been interesting from two points of view. Firstly for the fact that they can be carried out under laboratory conditions and so scientifically scrutinised, and secondly, perhaps more interestingly, by the fact that the different stages of parallel or staggered experimentation can easily be compared.

The findings from these experiments were perhaps a surprise to all those involved. So, the experiments were carried out in different parts of the globe, but under identical conditions, but the results were different. It was found that in the later studies the crystals were obtained more easily, and their melting points were higher, meaning that they had become more stable than those (apparently) having been produced previously somewhere else in the world.

This perhaps seems relatively unimportant by itself, but taken together in a wider context becomes vitally important to our modern world. Our world of the laws of nature are not constant: Meaning that, if, generally speaking, you heat water to 100%c, it boils; although true today, can not be thought to have been true in the past (perhaps at the beginning of time or any other time before testing) nor in the future. So what? So, Darwin’s theory of evolution has been turned on its head. Our existence today, is not merely the result of some marvellous coincidence, but has the mark of ever evolving situations and modifications which seem to learn from themselves and have a sense of apparent direction and reason. Human life arguably not being pure chance, but rather a desired destination. A helping hand? Perish the thought!!!!

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