A Certain Logic

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A certain logic…

In previous writings here I have talked about various scientific work that has been carried out, which points to the understanding, that we are more than the sum of our different parts. There is something more to us than mere flesh and bones; our brains are more than a complex series of cells and atoms, but we are in fact connected to the greater outside world; whatever that may be. 

The problem is, as with so many different studies, that there is so much pseudoscience out there and so much which is little more than a lot of nonsense itโ€™s hard to know when to take things seriously and when not to: Much like studies on โ€˜Global Warmingโ€™ – much of which is good quality and leads to certain predictions of the future, other ( a lot of other) studies are just obviously bad or engineered for political ends. And so, for us the humble citizen of the world itโ€™s difficult to form an opinion without falling foul of being manipulated by the powers to be. Facing ridicule whichever side you take. 

My stance is perhaps a little in the middle. Continuing to try and keep a slightly cynical viewpoint, so as to keep at least one foot in the world of reality, but at the same time trying to keep an open mind, and also drawing some inspiration from the good research which has been done.  

Trying to connect together, ideas which people have always had, and many of us feel that there is something in, and the science which could perhaps back it up, and would suggest that there is a certain logic to it along the line. 

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