RS – A Sticky Ending

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RS – A Sticky Ending

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by Costanza

I’ve really no idea how much Lina affected RS and his way of working and living or indeed thinking, but evidently not all that shines is gold, as they say. I’ve no idea if his conference was a success or not, nor even which swanky Mercedes model he finally plumped for. I lost touch with him and his group; as I did so also eventually with Lina.

But, news travels fast, particularly in a small provincial city, just as with much gossip. RS was a really nice, friendly and obviously highly intelligent man, who I genuinely liked a lot, and so it was with great and sincere sadness that I heard four or five years later that he had been found guilty of fraud and other banking misdemeanours and had been sentenced to a lengthy jail term.

Perhaps he had been a little too clever by half. I’m not sure if any conclusions can be drawn or not… God works in mysterious ways. The Law of Attraction? Well, perhaps.

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