Midnight Mass

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Midnight Mass

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We were living in this old house on three floors on the lake, which was in really a beautiful position, but it had thick walls and was hard to keep warm in winter. There was an open fire, and central heating, but nonetheless it was still cold. On Christmas Eve, I happened to notice in the local hardware shop, hot water bottles! Great! I can’t remember now how much they cost, but they were very, very cheap. So, I dutifully bought one.

I had the in-laws staying, and so with the kids and everything, it was a really nice atmosphere. In the evening there was midnight mass at the church, and Mrs P invited us all to go along. But, what with one thing or another, everyone was too tired out, and so… and so I , the good Christian, decided to pop along to make an appearance for the team, in the hope of cake and mince pies and mulled wine!

The church was packed, with standing room only. The lads from the village were outside chatting and smoking. Don P was doing his bit, plus there was the choir and guitars, readings etc. etc. Really lovely Christmasy atmosphere.

And it was here that I first met Fabio.


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