The Root to All Evil

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The Root to All Evil

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I’m not sure, but I suppose my mother must have believed in something. She had gone to a Catholic school in London when she was a girl; her mother had evidently been terrified of the nuns!  Thinking about it I can’t really imagine why she went, they certainly weren’t Roman Catholic, it must have just been because it was a good school and for no other reason I presume. But I remember as a small boy, her saying the Lord’s prayer with me; I can’t think why, it must be psychological, but I have never been able to remember it! And I always remember being dragged off on Christmas day to sing carols around my sister playing the piano. I don’t think I minded. I liked music you see, and so I would have enjoyed the music making bit of it. But I think nonetheless it was still very tough being dragged away from Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game on TV!  That and stuffing my face with food!

But we never ever went to church. And religion in general was treated with a certain degree of disdain: religion being the root of all the woes of the world; which I suppose it ultimately is!

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