The worst form of government

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It seems very strange when you think about it. It’s difficult, because it’s such a long time ago. But who was the last Italian Prime Minister who was elected? Seems a strange question really, especially in a democratic country.

Winston Churchill once said, โ€œDemocracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest.โ€ But, nonetheless, in answer to my question, it was Silvio Berlusconi in 2011. Dear old Silvio of Bunga-Bunga fame. But he had been elected by the people and was then booted out of office by our masters from Brussels.

The present incumbent Giuseppe Conte, was never elected; just like his predecessors Monti, Letta, Renzi and Gentiloni to boot! Conte was made prime minister after neither Luigi di Maio (populist 5 Stars) or Matteo Salvini (right wing Northern League) were able to get a parliamentary majority and so brought in Conte so as to make themselves deputy prime ministers. However, Salvini, setting his sights on the top job for himself tried to oust Conte by trying for a vote of no confidence, only to find himself lose his position when di Maio and Renzi, his old arch-rival, teamed up to form a government and keep Conte in office. Now di Maio has gone too, leaving Conte to govern without his squabbling deputies.

And so now, as a result, the unfolding Coronavirus calamity is being presided over by a completely unelected lawyer from Foggia in south Italy, with no previous political experience. Things are not going well!

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