1 metre security distance.

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I used to work in Florence, doing a job I liked a lot, playing with a chamber orchestra. A really nice group; good musicians, and nice people.
But I didn’t live in Florence, I lived with my girlfriend in Ravenna, which was a couple of hours drive away, across the Alpini; Faenza, Brisighella, Marradi, Fiesole, Florence. So, most of the time when I worked there I would invariably stay in hotels, which on the most part I enjoyed. It was easy, and it felt a little like being on holiday; meeting up with friends, eating in restaurants, ah yes of course, mustn’t forget, playing music.
I remember one time I went, there was a trade-fair on or something, and Firenze was busier than normal, and my normal hotel was fully booked up, and I had to look elsewhere to sleep. In the end I found a little ‘pensione’ off Piazza Maria Novella, and I was very relieved to find they had a room; at a very good price to boot! However, the man at reception asked if I minded waiting 20 minutes whilst the room was cleaned; of course this wasn’t a problem, so I dumped my bags, and went off to find something to eat and then go to work.
I got back again at about 11 o’clock in the evening, and went to my room. I remember it was a small room, with a double bed, and wash basin in the corner. It was before the days of en-suite plumbing, and so there was a shared toilet and shower down the corridor. There was a shiny grey linoleum floor, and low blue coloured fluorescent light which made it seem a little gloomy and dingy. It wasn’t until I went to the sink to clean my teeth that I saw in the bin below, what at closer inspection turned out to be a used condom, looking rather tired and bedraggled, with human-like disposition; comatosed, head resting over the rim of the waste-paper basket.
It then dawned on me why it had been necessary to wait 20 minutes for the room. I was then kept awake all night by the pounding of the bed in the adjacent room. When I left the next morning, undoubtedly looking young and innocent if not tired, fiddle in hand, no one was at reception, but I crossed paths with a ribald lady leading her scabby mangy patron, at which she grabbed a key herself off the hook and marched off down the corridor leading the fellow behind her.
Life seems very boring now, keeping our 1 metre security distance. Virus? That’s nothing!

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