Kids Rob’s Hypnosis VIP | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | iTunes |   As the kids grew a little older, we thought that some kind of church would be a good idea. There is an English speaking Anglican Church in Lugano, and so we thought we would pop along to suss it …

Don W.

Don W. was described by some as a whiskey priest, meaning one who had been drawn to the priesthood by the easy life rather than any true conviction. A rumour which had gone around at one time was that he had been famed for having once broken an ankle whilst jumping from an upstairs bedroom window on the arrival home of an absent husband.

Pascal’s Wager

And so after leaving the army I didn’t come into contact with anything religious. After all, why would I; left to my own devices, church and all the rest never entered my head.

Fast forward a few years, and I was living and working in Italy. I then met my partner, and we were now living together in Switzerland, in the mountains overlooking Lake Lugano, and life did indeed seem just perfect. We decided to get married, and finally tie the knot!