Noah’s Flood

I’ve no idea if it rains more here now than it used to do in the past. But when it rains, it really rains! As I said before, our apartment is on the ground floor, but below us we have our garage, and a laundry and some storage space – and so from the road outside there is a drive which goes down to our garage and another couple of garages. On the other side of the condominium there is another drive which goes down to the other garages, which is a much larger affair.


It’s a long time ago now, but everything was going well. Our daughter started going to a new school, and our son was still going to Mrs P. Winter came and went.

Here in the north of Italy, winters are invariably cold and snowy. We’re in the mountains, and not far from some good places for going skiing.

RS – A Sticky Ending

I’ve really no idea how much Lina affected RS and his way of working and living or indeed thinking, but evidently not all that shines is gold, as they say. I’ve no idea if his conference was a success or not, nor even which swanky Mercedes model he finally plumped for. I lost touch with him and his group; as I did so also eventually with Lina.